Three Workouts To Keep You Fit When Staying At A Hotel This Summer

Posted on: 30 June 2015

Whether you're traveling for business or for pleasure, being away from home shouldn't be an excuse to skip your workout routine. Although many professional hotels, like the Mt. Laurel La Quinta Inn, are equipped with gyms, it can be fun to skip your usual gym routine and think creatively instead -- especially if you're ready for your workout after the hotel's gym is closed for the night or you find that it's crowded with other guests. A little creativity is all it takes to get a solid workout. Here are some ideas to pursue.

Stair Climbing

Sure, you probably used the hotel's elevator when you were checking in, but when you've changed into your workout attire and are ready to break a sweat, the building's stairwell becomes a valuable ally. Stair climbing is an up-tempo cardiovascular exercise with a heightened caloric burn; Fitness magazine reports that this activity, on average, can help you burn about 150 calories in just 15 minutes. If you can't perform this exercise for a 15-minute stretch, break it into three five-minute intervals with a period of rest between each. Instead of climbing all the way up, it's ideal to ascend one flight of stairs and then descend the same flight to give your body a brief moment to recover.

Circuit Training

High-intensity circuit training is an effective way to work several major muscle groups when you don't have a surplus of time or space, making it ideal to perform in the comfort of your hotel room. The key to this form of fitness is to incorporate a variety of exercises, perform them for two to four minutes each and give yourself about one minute of rest between each set. For example, your routine could include lunges, push-ups, sit-ups, jumping jacks and dips. The benefit to this routine is that you don't need any equipment for any of the exercises. Always be considerate of your fellow hotel guests, though -- if you're working out at night and are staying on an upper floor, it's best to skip the jumping jacks.

Weight Training

A heavy suitcase provides all the resistance you need to put your muscles through their paces. Fill or empty your suitcase until it's the desired weight for your fitness level, and then perform exercises such as curls, squats and calf raises. For curls, hold the suitcase by its handle and with your arm hanging vertically. Raise the suitcase by bending your arm until it reaches 90 degrees, and then slowly lower the suitcase back to the lower position. For squats and calf raises, hold the suitcase in front of you with your arms horizontal as you perform the exercise. Be creative -- it's possible to perform a wide range of weight-training exercises with your suitcase as resistance.


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