3 Key Considerations When Booking A Conference Room

Posted on: 10 July 2015

If you are in need of a hotel conference room for your upcoming event, there are numerous things you need to consider. It doesn't matter if you are hosting a company event, small meeting or large conference, finding the perfect venue is crucial. To help you make the right decision, consider some of the following factors before booking your venue location.

1. Size

First and foremost, your venue location needs to be large enough to accommodate the number of individuals who are attending the event, as well as all of the extras. Projectors and audio/visual equipment can take up a significant amount of space. You want your guests to be comfortable in the room, not crowded and sitting on top of one another. The ceilings should be high enough for you to be able to raise the projector screen to a height where everyone can see it.

Check into the number of bathrooms, parking spaces and hotel rooms available to make sure everyone has the space needed to attend and feel comfortable. The last thing you want is people to feel uncomfortable and cramped when attending your event.

2. Technology

Depending on what type of technology you are planning on bringing to the event, you want to make sure that the venue can accommodate everything properly. Check into the Wi-Fi signal to make sure it can handle your equipment. If they don't have a sound system in place, you will need to make arrangements to bring your own with you. The venue should have ample space and electrical sockets for all of the equipment you need for the event. By finding out what technology the hotel has available, you can easily plan your event and make sure you have everything you need with you.

3. Location

Venue location is crucial. You want it to be somewhere that is conveniently located for everyone in attendance. Make sure people can access the site by public transit to give everyone a chance to attend. Regardless of what your conference is for, no one will attend if they cannot get there easily. If the location you choose is a little farther out, you might want to consider offering some type of shuttle service to better accommodate your guests when coming and going from your event.

By taking the time to go through all of the specifics beforehand, you can make sure your event goes off without any issues.

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