Traveling This Summer? Don't Forget To Tip Your Hotel Housekeeper

Posted on: 27 July 2015

When you hit the road for a vacation adventure this summer, you might find yourself staying a few nights at a hotel or resort. Whether you use your accommodations simply as a home base for a number of day trips in the area or prefer to stick around the hotel to enjoy the amenities while you unwind, the right housekeeping staff can make your stay even more enjoyable. It's always appropriate to consider tipping your housekeeper based on several factors related to the quality of your stay. Here's how to figure out the right tip to give.

Tipping Basics

Your first order of business in calculating the tip you wish to leave is to consider the specifics of the hotel. According to etiquette expert Emily Post, it's appropriate to tip $1 to $2 per day in the majority of hotels, while $3 to $5 per day is suitable for high-end facilities. In either case, it's proper etiquette to tip within this range per person in your room; more people staying in your room equates to more work for the housekeeper. If you're visiting a high-end hotel or resort with your spouse, for example, consider tipping between $6 and $10 per day.

Factors To Consider

The appropriate range of tipping gives you leeway to calculate the exact amount you wish to give based on a variety of considerations related to the room. Tip on the higher end of this range -- or above it if you encounter something spectacular -- if the room is notably clean, your towels and other amenities are restocked daily, your housekeeper greets you warmly if you encounter him or her in the hall and any requests you have are answered promptly and courteously.

When And How To Tip

Although some people choose to wait until the end of their hotel or resort stay to leave a tip, this strategy isn't as ideal as tipping daily. If you tip after several days, there's no guarantee that the money will land in the right hands. If one housekeeper looked after your room for the first three days of your stay but a different housekeeper was on duty the day you checked out, he or she will get the tip and the staff member who did the bulk of the work will miss out. Instead, tip on a daily basis -- when you leave your room for the day, place the desired tip amount, in cash, inside the tipping envelope typically left on the desk or table. If your room doesn't have a note, leave the money in a conspicuous place and write "With thanks" on a piece of note paper left on top of the money.

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