Daughter Finish Veterinarian Graduate School? Go On A Trip Overseas

Posted on: 28 July 2015

Your daughter has worked very hard to get through the many years of college and graduate school to become a veterinarian. For this reason, you should give her a special gift. One such gift is a trip overseas going to countries where your daughter can see many animals. Below are some destinations she will likely enjoy visiting.   


Kenya is a place for animal lovers. Your daughter will likely see animals like jackals, cheetahs, leopards, giraffes, and lions. Traveling in Kenya is much different than it is in the United States. Most roads are not in good shape, and traffic can become very congested. This means it will take you much longer to get to your destinations. To save time and be able to spend more time at your destinations, you have the option of flying instead of driving. This is more expensive, but you will likely find reasonable flights.

Plan a safari where your daughter can see wildlife animals in their natural habitat. The travel agencies there can help you come up with personalized safaris so you will be sure to see the attractions you want. Many safaris last for more than one day so make sure you have accommodations in place before you set out.

If your daughter likes giraffes, she can get up close and personal with them. There are hotels that giraffes frequent to be fed by the guests. They may even stick their head through an open window, or come up to you while you are dining outside.


If your daughter likes elephants, visit the country of Thailand. There are many national parks that are a sanctuary and rescue center for elephants. There are parks that will allow you and your daughter to care for elephants. For example, you can give them a bath, feed them, and learn about how they communicate within their pack.

Your daughter can get up close and personal with monkeys while visiting there. In some cases, the monkeys may even come up to both of you to be petted. You need to be careful, however, because they may steal your food, smartphone, or other personal items.

There are many programs to choose from that last from a few days to almost a month. Your daughter can also see other zebras in their natural habitat.


In Jamaica, you and your daughter can see many aquatic animals like turtles, manatee, crocodiles, and snakes. You may also see mongoose, Iguana, Jamaican Oriole, and a nightingale.  There are also bird sanctuaries where you can get up close to them, and give them treats. Many of these birds may eat directly out of your hands.

Besides seeing animals, you and your daughter can relax on the beautiful beaches. There are many Jamaica villas where you can stay. You will find villas that will take you to the beaches, and have game rooms, tennis courts, and hammocks you can relax in at the end of the day. Take a taxi on a day trip. The taxi drivers also act as a guide and take you on tours. They know where to find the best attractions. You can contact drivers before you leave to set up these tours, and they will even pick you up at the airport.  

Once you decide on a country to visit, learn about the customs there, the money conversion rates, and even a little of the language.


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