Two Things Not To Overlook When Purchasing A Home In Ecuador

Posted on: 23 November 2015

Owning a property in Ecuador offers you a home away from home with the beautiful mountains and beaches as your backdrop. However, this is best achieved when you select your home wisely. Aside from the square footage and the number of bedrooms the home has, there are other factors to consider when purchasing a property in this country.

Water And Sewer Certification

Home access to water in certain parts of Ecuador isn't always the standard. Before purchasing a home, get certification as to what type of water source the home has. The ideal solution would be from a local municipality's water treatment plant. However, if the home is in a rural area, it might get its water from a rainwater catchment system. These systems collect rainwater, filter it and then deliver it to your home. Whatever the source, it's imperative that you get certification of its existence upfront. If you purchase a home without an established water source, you could spend a lot of money trying to establish this on your own.

It's also a good idea to find out whether the home is connected to a sewer system or a septic tank. If it's connected to a septic tank, get documentation that it is in good condition. Once you purchase the home, should the tank be malfunctioning, you could be financially responsible for any damage caused to the infrastructure around the tank, such as from a leak in the line.

Sewage Drainage

If you decide to purchase an oceanfront home, get the facts as it pertains to sewage drainage. If there is a sewage treatment plant nearby, they could dump the treated water into the ocean. While the water won't necessarily harm you because it has been treated, it will come along with a foul odor. Some treatment plants have certain times of the day that they release the treated water and some release the water on an ongoing basis. Either way, it's not an odor you necessarily want to deal with.

Before purchasing a beachfront property, you need to get verification that it isn't located anywhere in the vicinity of a sewage treatment plant. In addition to making your time at the property less enjoyable, should you want to sell the home in the future, this could make it more difficult.

In order to get the most out of your home, make sure you are taking the time to investigate Ecuador homes for sale from top to bottom.


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