Renting A Vacation Condo? 5 Etiquette Tips For A Great Stay

Posted on: 20 October 2020

Vacation condo rentals are a great way to personalize and target your vacation stay to your interests. Because of this personal nature and homey atmosphere, they also have their own etiquette. When you know and put into practice a few simple etiquette tips, you'll have a better stay and make your host happier. Here are a few tips for a smooth visit. 

1. Communicate Well. Don't be afraid to contact your hosts before, during, or after your visit. Ask questions or voice concerns so they can help fulfill all your needs. This is particularly valuable if you have any special circumstances, such as a pet or someone with a health concern. Hosts appreciate hearing feedback and having guests reach out rather than be frustrated by a problem. 

2. Let Hosts Know of Issues. Did you have any problem with the condo during your stay? If the home hasn't been cleaned properly or something is broken, for example, the host wants to know about it right away. Condo owners often rely on outside services and helpers so they can't always be there in person. Let them know if you have concerns so they can ensure a good stay for you and for those after you.

3. Follow the Rules. Take a moment to read the house rules and recommendations. Following these is often quite simple and makes your own stay smoother. You'll learn answers to questions before you even have them. And if there is some inconvenience in the house rules, look at the ways you and future guests benefit when everyone follows them. 

4. Behave Like a Guest. While you're a client of the homeowner, treat their property as though you were a cherished houseguest. This includes simple acts like avoiding spills or stains, stripping the beds when you leave, or putting back items you borrowed from drawers or cabinets. Hosts appreciate these easy and kind steps, resulting in great reviews for you as a guest and a good relationship during your stay.

5. Do Something Special. Your host has gone out of their way to make your vacation stay pleasant. So, can you do something to show your own appreciation? Consider leaving a friendly note of thanks when you go. You might clean up after using the firepit or replace some supplies you used during your stay. And a good review is always welcomed by owners. 

Staying in a private condo creates an even more enjoyable vacation. And when you follow these few tips, not only will your stay be a happy one but the host will appreciate having you as a guest. Learn more by talking with a vacation condominium rental host.


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