5 Things To Look For In Temporary Housing During Renovation

Posted on: 20 August 2021

Are you preparing for a large-scale remodel of your home? While many homeowners try to continue living in their homes while construction goes on, it can be a much better option to use temporary housing for the duration. What should you look for in a temporary housing arrangement? Here are five key things.

1. Furnished Housing. The more stuff you need to bring with you to a temporary location, the more complicated it will be. But not having the basics of daily living will also add stress to your stay. The best solution for both problems is to find housing that comes as furnished as possible. It doesn't necessarily have to be large and ornate, but it should include furniture, a full kitchen with basic equipment, and pleasant décor. 

2. Similarity to Home. While every temporary move for renovation work is disruptive, you can minimize it by choosing housing that generally mimics your normal daily life. This is particularly important if you have kids or a demanding schedule. If you live in a large home, look for housing with more space and separate bedrooms. If you live in an attached home or apartment, on the other hand, a condo or hotel suite might be sufficient. 

3. Close Proximity. Most homeowners want to or need to keep an eye on how the remodeling project is going. You also want to remain close to your normal activities like school, work, kids' activities, doctors, and your favorite shopping spots. So try to find housing within your neighborhood or community. The convenience of close proximity often outweighs even a higher price tag for this temporary move. 

4. Helpful Amenities. Along with furnishings, consider what amenities will make your time easier. On a practical note, look for things like onsite laundry facilities, wireless internet or business centers, and secured access. But because you and your family may need help passing the time or relaxing, consider fun amenities like a pool and hot tub, entertainment areas, and kids' play areas. 

5. Good Word of Mouth. Check reviews and ask for recommendations about temporary housing options before you settle on one. And talk with people currently staying at a location you are seriously considering. Other travelers can give you a good idea of what it's like to stay at any particular location. 

Want to know more about housing options, amenities, and pricing in your area? Start by touring some choices close to home. By knowing what to look for, you can make a great choice and have the best possible experience while your home is being made new. 


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