3 Extras To Look For At RV Hookup Stations

Posted on: 20 December 2022

When you book a site at an RV resort, you are not just looking for a location with the best views or access to the campground's amenities. The location you choose to park your RV needs to have proper hookups to help your RV run smoothly. As you check out the options at an RV park campground, you will come across several RV hookup station features.

Along with basic water and sewer hookups, look for some of the extras provided through an RV hookup station. These extras can enhance your camp experience and help you get the most out of your RV experience.  

1. Sewer Hookups

Many RV parks will feature a dump station where you can drain your RV's grey and black water at the end of your stay. Instead of taking the extra time at a dump station, you could look for an RV park campground with sewer hookups directly at the campsite.

A constant sewer connection allows you to use water as needed without monitoring your drainage levels on a daily basis. You do not need to worry as much about the length of showers or the extra use of amenities like toilets. When you combine a sewer hookup with a freshwater hookup, you have water entry and exit in a single location.

2. Cable Hookups

Even in a world full of streaming platforms and connections, you can still find a lot of value in a cable hookup. An RV cable hookup will include a direct line of cable for televisions inside your RV. When you connect to the cable, you can have access to a lot of programming not available online.

For example, you could watch local news and weather reports for the local area. The local news will give you detailed information and could also include some local highlights like upcoming events and tourist attractions.

A cable connection could also give you access to live sports games. You could watch a wide range of sports on both network and cable stations. If you vacation with children, they can access children's channels to enjoy a wide range of television shows and movies while they relax in the RV.

3. Wi-Fi Connections

When you visit a campground, you never know what type of reception you will have for cell service or Wi-Fi connections. Some RV sites will include a Wi-Fi antenna on the site so you have a clear and fast connection. With a Wi-Fi connection, you could access a wide range of services through cell phones and tablets.

When you go to book a stay at an RV resort, check to see what hookups are available and ways you can improve your RV vacation experience.


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